Burlesque queen


The Burlesque Queen game screen looks like a professional casino game. The attractive graphics of this Burlesque Queen slot machines instantly draws attention to the game. The dance scene with heavy red velvet curtains and muted, pale lights is the backdrop for five clear plastic game wheels. On the other side of this dazzling display is a glass case containing the original Burlesque Queen bottle.

A thick, dark-colored cardboard base holds all the elements of this slot machine game. A bright light that emanates from several chunky, glass balls scattered around the playing area creates an illusion of darkness. The game is played in three parts. First, you have to place the winning number on the playing platform in front of the burlesque queen slot machine.

Second, a set of icons will appear on the screen, telling you how many big wins you can get. The icons indicate the number of heads, tails, hearts, or bottles that move out from the center wheel towards the red “X” symbol. And finally, you get to see your total score next to the winning icons. All these symbols and sounds make it difficult to resist playing the game again.

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