Goldilocks and the wild bears


Goldilocks and the Wild Bears aren't actually a very fun slot machine, but more of a novelty slot game. The premise is rather simple – you'll need to place your money into the machine, hoping that it will “balance out” and result in a wild bear roaming the room. Unfortunately, this game doesn't have much to offer other than a cute little bear walking around with its eyes closed.

Goldilocks and the Wild Bears video slot are nothing more than a crude attempt at a high-tech, computer-generated fairy tale. The graphics are limited to an almost forest theme, and the audio that plays underneath is nothing more than a soft, slightly off-key bird song reminiscent of the days of old. The symbols used for the bears consist mainly of Goldilocks herself, some pre-made bears (mostly from a 1980s children's book) and finally various icons from a post-credits scene from a 1980s movie about the wild bears. There is also a small amount of text to read which explains about the history of the bear-shaped casino game, but that portion of the game is cut-off and doesn't provide any further explanation about how the bears came to be in Goldilocks' world.

Despite being a simple concept, Goldilocks and the Wild Bears Video Slot has earned itself a rather large following. The bears seem to be everywhere, even on YouTube! Their presence on the internet is not limited to just one casino either; numerous websites have adopted this cartoon character for their own slots. All of this adds up to one simple question: does this slot machine deliver on its promises of fun and excitement or does it fall short in other areas?

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