Reel splitter


This article is about the Reel Splitter. When you first look at it this may seem odd that way, but in essence, this is what the Reel Splitter machine is designed to do. The casino game of slots is best explained with an example. When you walk into a casino, all the guests are greeted and shown to a slot machine. Once everyone is settled, a magician pulls a reel of coins from a deck of cards and places them in front of the machine. The random number generator (RNG) uses the number combination (numbers in the deck) to spin the reels and place the winning symbols onto the line drawn by the spins.

Now this is simple enough. Any casino game of slots can be explained this way. But the Reel Splitter machine takes it one step further. It implements a strategy that exploits the randomness of casino games. When you place your bet and pull the handle, it randomly chooses the results of the spins and places those symbols onto the betting lines. And since symbols pay more if they show up next to consecutive spins from left to right, this turns this from a high probability game of luck (winning nearly one out of every twenty bets) to a game of skill (winning nearly three out of every twenty bets).

When this strategy is used on a regular basis, and instead of simply changing the results of single reels, you'll see your winnings and bankroll increase dramatically. That's why this machine is known as the Wild Wins Video Slot Machine. It's the most effective way to make money on the casino game of slots.

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