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About Us

Welcome to, Curated by Canine Connoisseurs!

Meet Frankie and Sigmund, two spirited dachshunds from Ireland who are the heart and soul behind With their keen canine insights and a nose for the best dog-care practices, they’ve embarked on a mission to create the ultimate educational and informational resource for dog owners and enthusiasts across Ireland.

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Where Irish Dogs and Their Hoomans Come Together for Learning and Fun


  • A Dachshund’s Perspective: Frankie and Sigmund bring a unique, ground-level view of the dog world. They share insights on everything from the coziest nap spots to the intricacies of dog behavior, all from a dog’s eye view.

  • Tailored to the Irish Dog Owner: Our content is lovingly crafted to suit the specific needs of Irish dogs and their humans. Whether it’s navigating the green hills with your furry friend or understanding local dog-friendly regulations, we offer relevant and practical advice.

  • A Repository of Canine Knowledge: Driven by Frankie and Sigmund’s curiosity, covers a wide spectrum of topics. From health and nutrition to training and fun activities, our site is a treasure trove of information.

  • Building a Community: Inspired by Frankie and Sigmund’s friendly nature, is more than just a website; it’s a community. Here, Irish dog lovers can connect, share stories, and grow together in their canine companionship journey.

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Our Promise

Guided by paws and experience, we commit to providing you with comprehensive and accurate information to enhance your life with your dog. Frankie and Sigmund, with a little help from their human team, ensure that every piece of advice is up-to-date, practical, and easy to understand.

Join Our Pack

We invite you to explore the world of dogs through the eyes of Frankie and Sigmund. Learn, laugh, and embark on this wonderful journey of dog ownership with us. At, every day is an opportunity to learn something new about our beloved four-legged friends.

We Love Hearing from Our Fellow Dog Lovers!

Got a question, suggestion, or a tail-wagging story to share? Frankie and Sigmund are all ears! We value your feedback and contributions as we strive to make your go-to resource for all things canine in Ireland.

Your Input Matters:

Your experiences, insights, and stories enrich our community and help us tailor to better serve all Irish dog owners. Whether it’s a topic you’d like us to explore, a personal dog-care tip, or feedback on our content, your input is invaluable in shaping our journey together.

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Surround yourself with pawsitive vibes and endless love. Dogs bring an irreplaceable joy to our lives, making every moment more special with their playful antics and loving nature

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